Why You Should Use Compost Tea

November 15, 2016

The Bottom Line.

With the right management program integrating compost tea, you can use ½ to 1/3 fewer nutrients and still get increased yields, higher quality and clearly superior flavor.  The recipes in this app are designed to be compatible with the different phases of plant growth. We have a grow, bloom and foliar recipe as well several others to boost overall microbial counts in the growing medium.  We have found that a very successful regime involves transitioning between traditional fertilizers, watering, and compost tea applications.  So one would use their liquid fertilizer on the first watering, the second watering would be the compost tea and the third watering would be plain water. You can repeat that schedule or mix and match in different patterns depending on other variables your dealing with.  Some growers simply pre-amend their soils with all-purpose fertilizers and then water compost tea periodically throughout the growing cycles.  The bottom line is that using compost tea will save you money by cutting down on expensive nutrient lines. It will help intensify the terpene profiles and resin levels of your flowers and when used properly with other organic fertilizers, it will consistently boost yields beyond what standard practices could do alone.

-Humboldt Earth Technologies